2007 Easter Response Card

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Vintage Response Card.jpg

Don’t forget about the response card that we will be handing out during the Easter Celebration. It will be important to have every single one of us get ready to talk about which number best represents where we are after the message.

I believe by faith that there will be many spiritual discussions and also many people who will decide to come forward to receive prayer.

Let’s pray that this Easter many people will cross the line and make a decision for Christ.

Six Hours for Baptism

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I am sitting at the airport (again) and waiting for my flight to Chicago. We will be baptizing people at the HMCC of Chicago church plant. As I am doing the math, I realized that I am going in for 6 hours to Chicago to do a simple baptism. During these situations, it is easy to start calculating:

• I will be missing our family tradition of the Easter egg hunt at Domino’s farm.
• Cost of flight to Chicago and back to AA for only a 1.5 hr baptism service
• I want to finish off my preparation for tomorrow’s big Easter Celebration
• I want to spend more time with Christina

But the thought of participating in our Chicago church members’ big moment is priceless. I guess it all depends on how we value things. But seeing people come to know Christ and publicly proclaiming their faith make it all worth it. Life transformation is a God thing… and it is an honor to be a part of it all.

1.5 Days Away Before Show Time

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It has been exciting just to pray for our Easter Sunday Celebration. As we have been praying all together throughout our various gatherings the last 2 weeks, I can definitely sense the momentum building. I was particularly encouraged when I asked at Thursday prayer gathering how many people have invited friends, family members or co-workers to the Easter Celebration and almost 90% of the hands went up – that is huge!

Let’s keep on praying and expecting God to do great things.

I was also inspired by some of the various ministries teams that were preparing for presentations this Sunday. By the time I left Angell Hall, it was like 12:40AM! They were truly burning the midnight oil. I can’t wait to see it all come together.
Vintage Poster Pete2.jpg
Pastor Pete posing for the camera – where’s the red carpet?
Vintage Poster Pete1.jpg
A close up of Pastor Pete… just in case you didn’t see how excited he was for the opening day!