Books that Shaped Evangelicals

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As you know, I love reading. I am always trying to get a hold of books that will enlighten me, exhort me and expand me. I try to read from various genres as well so that I can try to balance out my reading diet.

I came around this article that talked about the top 50 books that shaped evangelicals. Some of the books I have never heard of… some of the books I have read… some of the books I want to read in the future. I was surprised to see some classic books that were not listed. But then again, everything is subjective, right?

Here is the list.

Latte Arithmetic

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I love Wednesdays. At Espresso Royale Café, they have $2 lattes (plus tax it is $2.12) – any size only on Wednesdays. They also have a frequent buyer card where if you buy any drink, you get a punch card. Then after 10 punches you get one free drink – yup, any free drink – and usually I stack it.

So here are the numbers:

• Large Skim Latte at regular price is $3.45
• 10 Lattes in 10 weeks (2.5 months) at normal price = $34.50
• 1 Large Skim Latte on Wednesday’s is $2.12
• 10 Lattes in 10 weeks (2.5 months) at Wednesday’s price = $21.20
• 1 free Large Skim Latte w/ extra shot of espresso which normally cost $3.95

Therefore the grand total is: I get 11 lattes for only $1.93 each!

The only way Christina will understand is: “Sweetie, we are saving $16.75!… that can be a dinner with the family at Wendy’s.”

For some reason she is not buying into my Latte arithmetic, but it makes complete sense to me.