2007 St. Patrick’s Day

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Today as I was on campus with my family, we saw a lot of people dressed up in green for St. Patrick’s Day. At first, I was wondering why so many people were dressing up in green but when I saw the shamrock I realized it was Paddy’s Day.

This got me thinking… how many holidays lose their meaning over time?

Just look at Easter and Christmas. We have relegated these holidays to a celebration without the original meaning. We have come a long way from Christ’s birth and resurrection to now just celebrating the beginning of Spring and the giving of gifts to people.

St. Patrick is a man worth remembering because he brought the Gospel to Ireland in the 5th century. I am just curious to find out what some of those students would say if I asked them why people celebrate St. Patrick’s Day… I have a funny feeling that they will not know.
Green River for St. Pat's Day.jpg
The Chicago River dyed in green… what people will do to celebrate a holiday that has lost its meaning.

Clean Up Day

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This morning, I went to the boys’ school to help clean up their facilities. This is part of the “agreement” of being able to send them to this Christian school. Since the cost of sending our kids to this Christian school is financially very difficult, they try to cut the cost by having parents volunteer their time and services to help out the school. Also, they are very sympathetic towards pastor’s families so they try to give a discount on the price. This is the only way we are able to send our kids to school.

So in a sense, this morning our family had to pay our dues by help cleaning up – and I was “selected” to go to represent the Kim family.

As I was cleaning the school, a thought came to my mind. Why am I making sure that I do my best in making the kids’ school particularly clean? What if it was another school or another facility? The answer: Because I love my boys and I want them to have a clean school.

Then the principle of excellence and doing our best for God came to my mind. Why do we do our best in things when it comes to God’s Kingdom? Why do we go the extra mile to make things excellent in the church? Why do we not settle for anything but the best when God can be glorified? The answer: Because we love God and we want to glorify Him by exalting Him in the nations.

I am wondering what people can know about God and our even our relationship with Him when they look at how we do things in the church. It is my prayer that people will see the excellence of God just by the way we do things with excellence.

“O LORD, our Lord, how excellent is Your name in all the earth” (Ps 8:1 NKJV)