Car Problems

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I have been thinking how families get by with just one car nowadays in the age of mobility. Something that used to be a luxury has now becoming more of a necessity. But there are a lot of families without even a car therefore, I am truly learning how to have a thankful heart.

We were down to one car today because the mini-van had some problems. We brought it in to the dealer to get it fixed. After finding out the price, this is when I prayed that we would one day have a mechanic in our church :-)

With one car, our family has to do a better job of planning our day more precisely.

2007 NCAA Bracket

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07 NCAA Tourney.gif
Ah yes… in less than 1.5 days, the madness begins.

It has been a tradition of the Kim family to print out the brackets and then fill them out in order to compete with one another. It has been pretty interesting because Josiah is the repeat champion (won 2005 and 2006 tournaments).

This year things will be different. No three-peat for Josiah!