Fussing Women

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I was driving around in my parents’ car as I was going to a meeting today and I just happened to be scanning through the various Chicago radio station channels. I came across a hip-hop station that was talking about women who “fuss” in the home – translation: women who nag and give men a hard time.

It was pretty hilarious to hear some of the worldview of the secular world on this topic of marriage and relationships. A lady called in to “complain” about her husband who is irresponsible, never home, and constantly going out with his “homeboys.” Then the DJ invited callers to call in and try to give this woman some advice.

You would not believe some of the comments that were made over the radio… it was crazy!

I was pretty shocked that many of the callers (who happened to be men) blamed the woman for causing her husband not to be home and going out with his friends. The logic goes like this – “girl, if you’d stop the fussin’ then maybe your man would come home more often.” I was imagining all the men who were listening were shouting out “AMEN!” But as I was listening to the woman describe the situation, I could not help but to sympathize with her.

I am wondering how many women are frustrated with their husbands; and in their good intentions to try to change the situation, they end up having to play the role of the “mom” to her husband. This just reinforces the fact that we need to raise up godly men who will learn how to be responsible in their call to be a husband and a father. In this generation of skirting away from responsibility, it is always easier to blame someone.

As I share this, I realize I need to do more in my responsibilities and commitment to Christina and the kids. So women your fussing is valid but please give us, men a lot of grace – we need it.

Youth Group Days

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As I look back to my youth pastor’s days, I have a lot of fond memories. I remember how amazed I was that I would get paid for playing basketball and just hanging out with the kids. I guess all the times that I paid for their meals it all balanced out :-)

This morning I had breakfast with an old youth group member who came back to Chicago with his family. It was a good time of reconnecting and just hearing some of the things that God was doing in his life.

It is a great joy to see your former members still loving and serving the Lord. The causalities in the youth ministry are enormous – there are many who are no longer going to church. I am just praying that many of the college students who have graduated already will continue to serve the Lord wherever they may be around the world.

This made me appreciate how God places certain people in our lives at certain junctures in our spiritual journey. I look back to all the people who have influenced me over the years to make me who I am right now. At every stage of our lives, God sends the appropriate people to minister to us.

I am thankful for all my influences in my life – in youth group, college and even now with various mentors. God truly knows what we need and when we need it.

Worship Celebration in Chicago

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It was encouraging yesterday to be part of the Sunday Celebration without having to preach a sermon. I took a break trying to get ready for the Naked series. Pastor Jimmy preached on the importance of our mind and how it needs to be transformed by God.

This was our second week in Fisk Hall right on the Northwestern campus. We can definitely feel this being our home base for awhile since there is room to grow. But we have to remember to never be completely comfortable. If the Spirit of God moves and we outgrow this place, we will have to start looking for a new auditorium.

I was just thinking about what the Israelites must have felt when they had to constantly move from one place to another. Can you imagine all the time it took to build and erect the camp and then only to tear it down and move again to another place? Then they would hit the repeat button.

We are definitely building momentum in Chicago. It is truly a God-thing and we give Him all the glory. We are even praying about several other campuses in the Chicago area. The potential is great here with all the various campuses in this city.