E-Mail Bondage

Author: sethskim  |  Category: Viewpoint

Did you read CNN’s article about e-mail addiction? You can read it here.

This is becoming more of a problem not only in the corporate world but also in the church world, especially amongst pastors and church leaders. I don’t even want to calculate the number of hours I spend daily in responding to people’s e-mails.

I knew it was getting bad when I starting responding to e-mails without a greeting or addressing the person by name (forgive me for those of you who got offended).

There are a lot of people who are trying to take one day out of the week to “sabbath” from e-mail. This might not be a bad idea.

Anyways, CNN also gave a 12-step approach for being set free. It is kind of funny because there is a 12-step approach for everything… now there is one for e-mails.

Lord set me free!

626 Mandate Begins Tonight

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The prayer mandate starts tonight at 11:30PM EST.

I am hoping to see many of you at our kick-off service even though it is a bit late for some of the working people.

Here are some quotes on prayer:

“If you are not praying, then one of two things is true: You do not believe the vision is God-given or you are overconfident.” [Adrian Rogers]

“He who has learned to pray has learned the greatest secret of a holy and happy life.” [William Law]

“If man is man and God is God, to live without prayer is not merely an awful thing: it is an infinitely foolish thing.” [Phillips Brooks]

“I don’t ask God to bless what I do. I pray He will help me to do what He blesses.” [Bob Pierce]

“Though you may think yourself ever so dull and incapable of sublime attainments, yet by prayer the possession and enjoyment of God is easily obtained; for He is more desirous to give Himself to us than we can be to receive Him.” [William Backhouse]

One of my favorites:

“The essence of prayer does not consist in asking God for something but in opening our hearts to God, in speaking with Him, and living with Him in perpetual communion. Prayer is continual abandonment to God. Prayer does not mean asking God for all kinds of things we want; it is rather the desire for God Himself, the only Giver of Life. Prayer is not asking, but union with God. Prayer is not a painful effort to gain from God help in the varying needs of our lives. Prayer is the desire to possess God Himself, the Source of all life. The true spirit of prayer does not consist in asking for blessings, but in receiving Him who is the giver of all blessings, and in living a life of fellowship with Him.” [Sundar Singh]