Signing up for 626 Mandate

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In about 24 hours, we will be launching our 2nd 626 Mandate. As we start the prayer movement on the start of Lent (this coming Wednesday), we are hoping that God will do some great things through our prayers. We will conclude the whole 40+ of prayer on Easter.

Since it is a 24/7 prayer movement, we need all the members in the AMI churches to get involved. I was doing some math and I figured out some stats:

• There is a total of 1,104 hours that will have to be accounted for
• It would take about 1,104 people in all the AMI churches to commit to 1 hour of prayer in order for the 24/7 prayer movement to be accomplished
• If a person commits to at least one hour of prayer of the 1,104 hours they will contributing .09% of the all the prayers (and this percentage increase as a person commits more time to prayer)
• There are 12 churches in AMI (if you count the multi-sites) which means that each church will have to cover 92 hours.
• This means that each church will need to roughly cover 2 hours per day

Now that things are in perspective, we all need to do our part in making this prayer movement something that God can use to accomplish His purposes.

Click here to sign up for a time slot.

Purdue College Retreat Update 2

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We finished off the retreat well. There is a whole generation of college students that are willing to use their degrees and talents for the building of God’s Kingdom. It was encouraging to see many of these Purdue students surrender their futures to the Lord.

I was particularly encouraged by one student who came up to me and shared how he got a specific direction for his life through the last message. I was challenging people with the CHARGE acronym. Specifically, in one of my points on “G – Government and Politics,” I mentioned about the need for people to go into international law in order to help bring transformation to some of the nations around the world.

This student was going to go into criminal justice law but after being challenged with a bigger worldview, he felt like pursuing international law was the direction that God wanted him to go.

The drive back to Ann Arbor was quite an experience! We drove through another blizzard.

By the time we got back to Ann Arbor it was 5AM. As we were unloading the cars, one of the band members said something that made me laugh. They said that this kind of life had to be a “calling.” I chuckled because it was so true… but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.