Make-Shift Mini Office

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In the future, I hope that cities that are planning on making new airports would make sure that they are forward thinking and build mini-cubicals and include a lot of electrical outlets. There is nothing more frustrating to a traveler than not having enough outlets to charge up their computers and other electronic devices.

I envisioned this idea of airports having these mini-offices when I found myself using phone booths as my make-shift office. There is one in particular that has an electrical outlet. I have purchased an adapter which turns one outlet into three (I usually make friends with strangers this way in my travels – they are so thankful).

But they definitely have to make the area a bit bigger.

Here is a picture of the phone booth in DTW. In the future we will go completely wireless – even with charging equipment.
Mini Office.JPG

Congregational Meeting 2.10.07

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I am excited about our congregational meeting tomorrow.

There are a lot of things that we, as a church dream to do…
But without God’s help and God’s people, we will never get there.

I hope all of you who are participatory members (signed HMCC covenant) will come out and join us. We will give several updates and then project things for the future. See you tomorrow.

Love Stories Conclusion

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I am getting ready to head out to Chicago to finish off our relationship series. Last Friday, I talked about the purposes of marriage. Today, I am going to address the practical principles of relationships.

Once again, relationships are not the easiest thing to navigate through… it is complicated and sometimes just straight out confusing. But when we follow God’s principles, we are able to make some sense of it all. It is going to be interesting to condense all the practical materials into one talk.

May those who have gone before us, light the way.