Profession: Passion or Paycheck

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Every profession has its “blackhole.” By “blackhole” I mean – the reason of going into a profession somehow gets sucked up and loses its sense of purpose.

Since I have been traveling so much in the last year or two, once in awhile I get complimentary 1st class upgrade seating on flights. It is kind of interesting because I sit amongst some powerful, elite people or at least that is how they appear… ha! And here I am, just a simple pastor trying to enjoy all the free cranberry juice and snacks that I can.

Just by how the flight attendants “do” their job, you can tell if this is a profession that they procure a paycheck or if they do it because of a purpose or passion.

I was in 1st class several weeks ago where a flight attendant impressed me with her passion and purpose in “doing” her “job.” Not only was she serving the passengers with a smile and friendliness, but there was an aura about this person. It is hard to describe. It was kind of like, “I would still do this job even if they did not pay me” kind of aura.

Then what top it off for me was when she had a sheet of paper in her hand and then she went to each 1st class passenger and call them out by name and thanked us for flying with them. Man, it was very sincere… if she was faking it… I would not have been able to tell.

Then I realized that she was passionate about what she did – serving people as they were flying.

There is a blackhole in the profession of being a pastor. Maybe this is why I look at it as more of a calling. What are we called to? I hope it is not something that leads to a paycheck because at the end of the day you will be miserable. We were created for something more.

I am just thankful for my calling.
I am thankful for my family.
I am thankful for HMCC.
I am thankful for the partners in ministry.

Cancelled School Day

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Due to the cold fridge weather, the Ann Arbor school system closed school for another day. This is now 2 days in a row. Wow! I remember when I was younger, we would have to go to school no matter what – yes, even in blizzards and freezing temperature. What has come of our generation now… Ha!

Christina and I decided to surprise the kids and take them out to Chuck E. Cheese. We had some gift cards remaining so it was going to be a fun and free time together as a family.

As we drove in to the parking lot, we were talking about how there will not be too many people there… but when we thought about it again and realized that since all the schools were closed that a lot of kids could potentially be there. When we stepped into the store, it was a mad house filled with kids.

But in a weird way, my heart was very elated. Why?

Because all these kids will play some of the game where it racks up the bonus point when they do not win. Then an adult (someone like me) would come and win the bonus points and get like 100 tickets… which I did :-)

Then we went out for a fruit drink and just chilled together as a family.

Monday Nights

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Monday nights are special. After a long weekend of ministry, I can chill with “24” and spend some time with Christina.

We all need some down time and also find some things that will refresh us. I am realizing that as you get older, the simple things are all you need.