Video Encouragement

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This morning I opened up my inbox to find a link to a video.

I clicked on to it and waited for it to download. I wasn’t sure what to expect because it was titled, “ripples.” But as I watched the video it moved me and encouraged me.

A small group in our church decided to video tape everyone (one-by-one) during their small group meeting to give me some words of encouragement. It really touched me because I guess the timing of it all was perfect, especially in light of this month.

With all the craziness of this month, a small group decided to find a way to lift up my spirit. It was truly “priceless!”

Coffee/Tea Shops

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I found my new coffee/tea place. It is called Argo Tea in Evanston, IL. It first opened in 2003, but now it has 6 locations all over Chicago. I need to convince the owners to come to Ann Arbor and other college campuses.

You have to try the “soy latte with red tea” – it is incredible.

But for now, I will have to settle for my new favorite drink – Starbucks’ “grande-soy-green tea-no foam-latte.” It is good! There is something about mixing a latte with tea.

Believe it or not… I have this crazy desire to open up a coffee shop, even though Ann Arbor is a city that has one of the most coffee shops per square mile.

Punctuation Series

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20070204 - Punctuation.jpg
This coming Sunday we will be starting a new series called, “Punctuation” both in Ann Arbor and Chicago. As I read various books and articles, I never really paused to think about all the punctuations – the question mark, the period, the comma, and the exclamation point. But if you think about it carefully, you will notice how important these punctuations are to the construction of the author’s thoughts.

In fact life is full of punctuations. There are many times we ask questions (?)… many times we take pauses in life (,)… many times there are clear resolves in our lives (.)… and even those times when we just want to shout (!). But each of these punctuations are God’s way of constructing our lives that will be filled with joy, peace and love.

This Sunday we are going to cover the “question marks” in life. I am praying that God will give us a fresh perspective on life.

Don’t forget to invite a friend.

A Whirlwind Month

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Today is the last day of January 2007. Yesterday, I was doing some reflection on this month and I realized that this has been probably one of the busiest months ever. I am finally getting back into the regular schedule of things.

Most of February and March will be used to focus on things here in Ann Arbor – family and church. Sometimes we don’t realize how busy we have been until we just pull back for a second and observe the relationship that matter the most to us.

Everything in life goes through seasons… seasons of busyness and seasons of calm. This is why we need God’s perspective to go through these seasons. As the dust settles, we will know what mattered to us the most.