The Marathon Weekend

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After going 3 days with little or no sleep, I think my body said, “enough is enough.” I crashed out at my parents’ place and slept for 10 hours straight. I think the drive back to Ann Arbor from the retreat took a toll on my body.

But it was gratifying to know that God ministered to His people this past weekend.

With my body recuperated, I am now ready to watch “24” tonight… I don’t know how Jack Bauer does it.

HMCC of Chicago Retreat Update 3

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The retreat finished off well. I couldn’t help but to go through memory lane as I was reflecting on our first retreat in this Chicago church plant. It is hard to believe that it has been close to 10 years since the first retreat in Ann Arbor. God did some great things with the small group of people at that retreat. Fast forward 10 years… the same God, the same Spirit worked powerfully in our first retreat in Chicago.

We will have to wait see all the fruits that will come forth from this retreat. But I know that God planted many good seeds in our heart. Now the hard part is the constant watering and taking care of the deposit that God placed in our hearts.

By the time the band guys from Ann Arbor and I packed up the vans and cars it was about 1AM or so. I wanted to bless the band guys for their sacrifice and their willingness to coming out and serve, so we stopped by a 24-hour Korean restaurant in Chicago. We had our whole trip calculated so that we could back to Ann Arbor just in time to set up for worship. But the weather did not want to cooperate with us.

As soon as we reach Indiana there was a snow storm. We had to literally drive 40 mph. It was only by God’s grace we got back safely and set up everything in time for our 9:30AM Sunday Celebration. It was crazy.

Big props to the band guys – some of them literally pulled an all-nighter.

Here are some pictures from the retreat:
The Spirit of God was moving in our hearts
Why it is that even when we are playing games it seems like we are worshipping :-)
2007 Retreat Group Picture.jpg
Group picture in the snow… the view was awesome.