1st Retreat for HMCC of Chicago

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I have always been a firm believer that the first of everything is very important. In fact, they are like markers in our journey of life.

I am going to be heading out to Chicago tomorrow morning, along with our worship team to lead the first HMCC of Chicago retreat. I am so stoked about this retreat… majority of our members in Chicago will be coming out to soak in God’s Presence. We are going along with the same theme as the Ann Arbor retreat of “The Transformed Life.”

It is my prayer that many people will experience God’s transformative power in their life in the next few days. Please keep us in your prayers. I will try to update throughout the retreat.

The best part might be the 4-5 hours drive back to Ann Arbor on Saturday in the middle of the night. We might get back at 5AM… pray that we don’t get food cravings because it will delay us even more :-)

NexGen Business Leaders

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I just came back from a meeting at Starbucks with three HMCC members. Usually these multi-people meetings are for only one purpose – due to their fear of meeting with Pastor Seth alone they come in groups… I guess there is safety in numbers :-)

But this group was special. They were all business school students with a vision to make a difference in the business school and also in the marketplace some time in the future. They wanted to meet together because they had a specific proposal that they wanted to share with me. It was a vision for starting up a Christian business fellowship.

They shared about their testimonies and also their proposal to see Christianity and business come together (usually these words are oxymoronic in Christian circles). The thing that encouraged me the most was that they had a greater vision of bringing this fellowship under AMI. They wanted to network with other business school students in the AMI community of churches to see their generation raised up to make a difference for God’s Kingdom in the business realm.

In fact, this is in line with what I shared about in my “Transformative Spheres” sermon. In order to see a nation or a region transformed, we have to engage the marketplace. We have to bring the Kingdom of God into the arena of commerce!

It was a cool discovery to see that some of the top business schools in America are on the campuses of some of the AMI churches. A lot of potential and possibilities!

It will be awesome to see many business people raised up through AMI who will have a vision to invest in eternal things. I shared with these guys that one of the top three reasons why ministries close down is because of lack of resources (the other two are: interpersonal conflicts and lack of people to lead the ministry).

It is a dawn of a new day and I am excited about what God is going to do with passionate and sold out people who are willing to surrender all their time, treasures and talents to the Lord!

A Purpose in Everything

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Over 10 years of doing campus ministry, one question that people keep on asking me is, “Why did God allow _____ to happen to me?” It is hard to give a complete theological answer to a person who is feeling the pain and frustration of unanswered questions and doubts.

There is a phrase that we use here in HMCC – “Out of our greatest misery will come forth our greatest ministry.”

It is a phrase that is hard to believe in when we are going through the pain “at the moment.” But one thing is for sure… as we get older, that phrase becomes more true and our lives become the testimony of the truthfulness of that statement.

I was thinking about these thoughts as I read the CNN news article about how Somaly Mam, a former prostitute, runs shelters for the victims of Cambodia’s sex trade.

“We are assured and know that [God being a partner in their labor] all things work together and are [fitting into a plan] for good to and for those who love God and are called according to [His] design and purpose” (Amplified Bible, Ro 8:28)