Moon Perspective

Author: sethskim  |  Category: Viewpoint

Last night, our family went out to eat. Since I was out for about a week, it was good to just catch up as we shared a meal together. As we were driving home, there was a crescent moon (a quarter moon) in the night sky.

We were all looking at it and then Karissa said, “Hey, the moon is following us!” Christina and I started to laugh. From a little 3-year-old perspective, the moon was moving with us and following us. Every time we turned left, the moon was there… every time we turned right, the moon was there.

Was the moon really following us?

To a 3-year-old, it WAS following us.

The best part was seeing the wonder and fascination on her face…

If we can only have this kind of awe and amazement with who God is… it might just increase our faith.

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