One of Those “Moments”

Author: sethskim  |  Category: Various

Have you ever had one of those moments where God used something to speak to you about something?

On the plane ride back from LA, I was listening to my iPod and a song came on from my playlist that I have not heard in a long time. I just found myself getting ministered unto. My eyes started to get misty, as the words of the song spoke life into me.

God can use anything to encourage us and to remind us that He is always there.

Catching Up in Chicago

Author: sethskim  |  Category: Visits

I flew directly from LA to Chicago and got in last night around midnight. I hung out with some of the HMCC of Chicago guys at Peter’s place (our semi-church office and semi-hang out place). Then afterwards, I talked with Pastor Jimmy… I didn’t get to sleep until really late. But it is always worth it to lose some sleep over building important relationships.

Then this morning I met up with the staff guys over breakfast. We had some good time of sharing and just catching up on things. I also shared about issues that pertained to the vision and the direction of the church here in Chicago. If there is anything I need to constantly do, it is to share the vision and the direction of the church again and again.

Then in the late morning we had our church prayer gathering. It was a good size group. We spent some time praying for the retreat as well as the future of this church plant.

I will be heading out to AA later in the afternoon and FINALLY get an opportunity to spend some time with the family.