Truly Torturous

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This past Sunday in Ann Arbor, I had to wear an USC t-shirt while I preached God’s Word. I know, I know… it is worst than the defilement of the Israelite people by offering sacrifices to the Baal gods.

But we all need to be a person of our word. I guess a “friendly” pastors’ bet is a “friendly” pastor’s bet.

Someone from California better come to know the Lord because of this… HA!

The only comfort in all this was yesterday’s score of 41-14.
PSeth USC Shirt1.JPG
I was smiling on the outside, but crying on the inside. As the church made a hissing noise, I said, “Trust me… it is worse for me, than you.”
PSeth USC Shirt2.JPG
Just in case you did not see the tiny USC label in the front.

Telling It Like It Is

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Christina and I had our weekly breakfast date. It has been awhile since we met for breakfast due to all the holidays and travels. So it was good catching up again – just the two of us.

We talked about a lot of things – the approaching EARLY midlife crisis, church, kids, us and etc.

I realized that sometimes it is hard to receive rebuke from people… it is natural to think that people who are close to you would be nice to you. But the truth of the matter is that people who are the closest to you are the ones that will rebuke you the most.

In the words of Christina, “If I can’t tell you things like the way it is, then who can?!”

Hmmm… I had to think for a little bit on that one.
Sometimes we have to hear things bluntly and openly in order to realize the situation for what it is.

I guess it is kind of like a lot of things in life:

* exercise – you don’t want to do it but you know that it is good for you
* eating healthy – you don’t want to do it but you know that it is good for you

Lord help me.