Lost the Bet

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Man oh man…

Here is a good lesson in life – the more you love, the greater the heartbreak.

This is why so many people are afraid to love. They just do not want to get heartbroken. But I tell you… my heart has been breaking for 30 years with the Chicago Cubs, so this loss is nothing!

Goodness… now I have to dig up that USC t-shirt that someone gave to me when Michigan lost to USC in 2004.

This is not how I wanted to started off with my first 2007 blog entry.

Rose Bowl ’07

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There is a lot on the line for this year’s Rose Bowl. Not only is Blue pride on the line, but my pastoral pride. A couple of weeks ago, Pastor Graydon Jessup from Eastside Christian Church in California wagered a “friendly pastoral” bet.

If USC wins the Rose Bowl, then this coming Sunday I will have to preach with USC paraphernalia, but if UM wins, then he has to wear blue and maize while he preaches.

Also, the loser will have to take a picture and send it over to the respective church. Then the winner can gloat while they give the announcements in church.