The Face Reveals Everything

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I wish you could have seen the look on KiKi’s face when Christina and I walked through the door. Not only was she smiling and yelling out “daddy, mommy” but she was jumping up and down in elation.

Then when the boys came home from school, they heard our voices. They ran upstairs to greet us with a big hugs and kisses. Just by the look on their faces it showed how happy they were to see us.

I am wondering if this is the look at God has towards us.

Oh Lord, our greatest desire is to bring a smile on your face.

“Let the light of your face shine upon us, O LORD” (Ps 4:6 NIV)

Back from Kenya

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The team and I arrived this afternoon. It was a pretty interesting plane ride from Nairobi to Amsterdam. As we were an hour or so into the flight, there was a plea from the intercom asking if there was a doctor on the flight. Uh, we just finished our “medical” missions trip with some health professionals.

I was so proud of our doctors and nurse who ended up helping the passenger. Due to the situation and limited medical equipment we had to land in Sudan. Even though it was “inconvenient” for the rest of the passengers, I thought it was pretty prophetic because we had the opportunity to meet two Sudanese medical doctors (in training) who were planning on going back to their home country to serve the millions of people who are suffering.

I ended up lifting up a prayer for Sudan and the hopes of entering into that country one day and bringing the reality of the Kingdom of God.

I wanted to thank all of you who prayed for our trip. It was worth the investment.

As we closed out our time with some debriefing and sharing, it was clearly evident that God did some great things in our midst. We are truly humbled. Thank you for the partnership in the Gospel.

Now, I just need to adjust to the jetlag asap.