A Phrase to Ponder On

Author: sethskim  |  Category: Various

This past month, during one of my prayer times, the Lord placed this phrase in my heart – “multiple churches in multiple communities and campuses.”

We are entering into a new era of the Church. The more I look at the Book of Acts, the more I am noticing how the early Church brought the Gospel message to “multiple communities” throughout the known world at that time. After sharing the Gospel with people in that city or community, a church was planted. Therefore “multiple churches” began to surface.

I am wondering in this fragmented world, if God is raising up churches that will make the Gospel known to lost souls via the visible and viable witness of the church. Consequently, we will need, “multiple churches in multiple communities” in order to see the vision of transformation become a reality.

The ripple has started in Ann Arbor and now it has reached Evanston.

We have to pray and see what other communities (and campuses) God has planned for us.