Another Season, Another Christmas Wish List

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Early on in our family as the children were able to understand the significance of receiving presents, we came up with a method to help the children stay focused during the Christmas season. It is easy to get caught up in all the commercial aspects of the season that we forget the true “reason for the season.” We just did not want our kids growing up and thinking Christmas was all about receiving presents – it doesn’t help when they have extended family members that want to spoil them.

Also, due to our budget, we decided to come up with a way to help the kids get what they want, but yet with our discretion to keep within our means. It is the Kim Family’s “3M Christmas Wish List!”

We categorize the various gifts that we want on our Christmas Wish List:
1) Most Expensive
2) Moderately Expensive
3) Minimally Expensive

Tonight we finished our lists.

It’s awesome to see when the kids have mostly minimally expensive stuff on their list :-) In that way, kids are very simple (at least for now)… books, candy, etc.

My list – very little on the Minimally Expensive section but a lot of stuff on the Most Expensive.

As we get older, the things that we want tend to be more expensive. Why is that?

Simple Pleasures

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After dinner we went out to Coldstone’s Creamery (our family’s favorite). Christina ended up getting an internet coupon for – buy one, get one free!

When else can we enjoy ice cream in 60’s degree weather at the end of November. This is truly one of the simple pleasures in life.

Coldstone Pics.JPG
Enjoying some good ice cream
Christmas Lights with Kids.JPG
Took some pictures in our community since they put up the Christmas lights