Color of Our Emotions

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I am excited to start this new series. It is right around this time when our emotions affect the best of us – whether it is due to the holiday season or due to the various things we are going through in our lives.

The colors we display are:
1) Green with envy
2) Red with anger
3) Blue with depression

We are going to look into the Bible and see what principles we can live by in order to find greater freedom and victory over our emotions.

Things Affecting Us

Author: sethskim  |  Category: Various

Two questions were asked of me recently (one this past week in China and the other about 10 minutes ago):

1) When Michigan loses a game, does Sunday worship service get affected?
2) Honey, do you remember when you used to get so depressed when the Chicago Bulls lost a game?

My response to both questions – “no comment”… ha!

Life is more than a football game. Life will always continue on and God will always be worthy of worship. But I am still depressed.