Vietnam Update 3

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Last night we had a great service with an underground church. I preached from Joshua 5. I talked about how God is a God who provides change, covenants, and courage. It is so encouraging to see the Church here in Vietnam on fire for the Lord – their heart of worship and their passion in their prayers are infectious.

We are getting ready to fly out to Hanoi (the northern part of Vietnam). I heard the weather will be cooler there (thank God). We will be surveying that region and seeing what God has been doing throughout the years. As some of you know, Hanoi was the place where many of the U.S. soldiers were held as POW’s.

Please pray for:
1) Traveling mercies as we go from place to place
2) God’s favor and open doors as we meet various church pastors and leaders
3) God’s protection – not just physically but most of all, God spiritual protection

Even Thousands of Miles Away

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This morning, I lifted up a prayer for the funeral service that our church will be having for Andy. There will be people attending this service in Ann Arbor before his body gets buried in Arlington Cemetery. Pastor Dave will be leading the service and people are expected to gather together to pay their last respects. I heard that even the mayor of Ann Arbor will be attending. Even though I am in Vietnam, my heart is still in Ann Arbor.

I am constantly reminded that God uses tragedy and turns it into triumph. It is incredible to imagine how God is being glorified and the opportunity to proclaim Christ is tremendous. Lord, Your ways are sometimes mysterious and beyond understanding but we will always trust in You.

Vietnam Update 2

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Today was a day of saturating ourselves with Vietnamese history. It allowed us to experience the history from the perspective of the Vietnamese people. First of all, we had the great privilege and opportunity to visit the Vietnam War Museum. The story of the Vietnam War was told from the perspective of the Vietnamese… it is interesting how history is always told from various perspectives. It was humbling to know that many Americans and Vietnamese died on the soil that we were walking on.

We also had the opportunity to go to the Vietnamese Culture Museum. The country of Vietnam is rich in culture. All their arts and artifacts describe a culture that displayed elegance and grace. It was beautiful.

The highlight of the day was meeting the first church and pastor that went underground after the war and when the Communist took over the country. He was a humble man (by the way, I realized that is always the prerequisite of being used of God in a mighty way). When you first meet Pastor Tu, you would never realize the incredible stature of the man.

He has 2,500 in 311 areas under his apostolic leadership. His membership totals close to 400,000 people all throughout Vietnam. Oh I forgot to mention that he was imprisoned for 4 months in 7 different prisons. Almost all of his staff members suffered imprisonment. In the midst of their suffering they found encouragement because many godly people in the Bible were imprisoned (Joseph, Daniel, Apostle Paul, etc). Just recently, due to all the development in the country and the openness of the government, they have recognized Pastor Tu as the top leader of all of the Christian movement in the country.

Whenever I have the privilege of meeting people like this, I am reminded that people do not reach a certain level of influence without suffering. There is something about pain and hardships that draw people closer to God and it keeps them humble. It was truly by God’s grace that we were able to meet him because he was out of town and just got in this morning. God’s timing and opportunities are amazing.

Please keep me in prayer because I am going to preach at an underground church revival meeting tonight.

Here are more pictures:
On top of a destroyed U.S. tank at the Vietnam War Museum
Ben and me with hats.jpg
Pastor Ben and I were trying to go local
Pastor Tu.jpg
Meeting with Pastor Tu and his staff – he is the 2nd from the left
I shot a M-16 and a AK-47 at the museum driving range. Wow! Truly exhilarating!