Exaltation in Chicago

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I will be heading out to Chicago today to do part 4 of our 5-part ACCESS series called, “Training for Transformation.” I will be talking about “Exaltation.” The more I thought about it, I realized that worship is a vital part of the HMCC experience. It is not just in our praise time but how our whole life is a worship (sacrifice) unto God.

This one aspect of the church has to be emphasized over and over again because it is within our human nature to want to be worshipped. We were all created to worship something – and the challenge is to worship the true and living God.

I also have Experiencing Membership class in Chicago… please keep the Chicago church plant in prayer.

Family Portrait

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Yesterday we took our family portrait. The last time we took one was when Josiah was about a year old. Oh, how things have changed. It is in these family portraits that you begin to see how quickly time flies. The kids are growing up, and Christina and I look a bit older. I think Christina is aging more gracefully than me… haha!

The photographer put me in the weirdest positions but at the end there were some good poses. We went with the “all black” look… elegant yet simple. The hardest part was trying to pick the right pictures with the right combination of frames and sizes. But in the end we were happy with our selection.

Now I will have this family portrait to show people when they ask me in my travels – “do you have a picture of your family?” Before it was just in bits and pieces, but now it is the real deal with the whole family together.