Staying Connected

Author: sethskim  |  Category: Values, Viewpoint

Yesterday, I met up with an African-American pastor here in the local area. In the last 6 years we have developed a strong relationship with one another. It is kind of weird because he is 20+ years my elder, but for some reason we connected from day one and we have developed a good friendship ever since.

Since we haven’t talked for a long time, we just ended up catching up on our lives. I shared how our church celebrated our 10th year anniversary, he shared about his church’s 25th year anniversary. I shared how I celebrated our 10th year wedding anniversary, he shared about his 38th year marriage anniversary.

I was so encouraged.

Even though he was ahead of me in the journey, we related with one another as if we were walking side-by-side. It is always refreshing to sit down with people who are humble. It is my prayer that I will continue to be faithful so that I can see our church’s 25th anniversary and my 38th wedding anniversary.

Courting Memories

Author: sethskim  |  Category: Values, Viewpoint

This past Monday, I spent the whole day with Christina. It is easy to go through married life on cruise control because there are so many constants – the kids, the schedules, the activities, the routine, etc. Before you know it, your lives are going parallel rather than intersecting together.

Therefore, we decided to spend the whole day together and just “hang out.” It was crazy. We played billiards, did DDR, watched a movie, hung out at a coffee shop to talk and we ate together at a good restaurant. As we were driving back, we both mentioned how time passed by so fast and how much fun we’d had.

It felt like I was courting her all over again. I remember how we would do so many spontaneous things in the early years of our relationship. Now that the kids are a bit older we are not as anxious about leaving our kids with a babysitter for the whole day. I think we are going to try to do this more frequently – it helped me to re-appreciate why I married Christina in the first place.

Side note: I beat her in billiards and DDR! Now, she wants a re-match.