Clergy Appreciation

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October is supposedly the month for clergy appreciation. Why October? I don’t know but anyways…

I was blessed to hear that each of the small group had “adopted” a pastor on our staff to show their appreciation.

This morning right after morning prayer, I found an envelope on my windshield. When I got home I opened it and was truly blessed. Thanks HMCC family for loving us, the pastoral staff. We count it a privilege to serve and shepherd you guys.

Since I don’t know which small group gave the gift, I want to give a shout out to you guys. Our family is blessed.

Random Thoughts

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This week has been a long week – and we are not even through with it yet! I spent some time in reflection and here are some thoughts that came forth:

1) Wounded people end up wounding other people… a vicious cycle.
2) People who play the victim will never be victorious
3) I need to learn how to be better pastor – more loving and more understanding
4) Life is short… how would I live my life if I knew exactly when I would pass away
5) Little things go a long way
6) For every mountain climbed, there are valleys… but the next mountain is in sight
7) Simple pleasures satisfy kids… we, adults make it too complicated

Nostalgic Memories

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Since, Josiah’s coach tries to balance between coaching the Ann Arbor Arsenal Under 10 team and the Pioneer High School Varsity team, he had a conflict in schedule for this week. Last night, Josiah’s soccer coach invited the team to come and watch a soccer game between two local high schools.

Our family wasn’t planning on going but I thought it would be good to have Josiah and Elliot see a high school game. It was my hope that Josiah would be inspired as he saw older people play.

But by the end of the night, I was the one that got inspired. In fact, it brought back a lot of memories of my high school days when I played varsity soccer. As we walked into the stadium, I started to get chills… weird, huh? The lights, the concession stand, the announcer over the PA system, the parents, and the students. It brought everything back.

It was also weird because it was in that scene that I pushed God out of my life in high school. I missed the opportunity during my teenage years to use that platform to share Christ. This is another reminder for me to share Christ’s love with the platform that I have now.