Volunteer’s Motto?

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The meeting went well tonight. I was able to share my heart with the servants in our church. We spent some time in worship and in prayer. I felt as if God was pouring down His refreshment towards the people of God.

I shared about the importance of intimacy, inspiration and being impassioned as we serve the Lord. There was a phrase that kept coming up in my mind as I was preparing for this meeting… and when I shared it tonight, it just made sense. I think we will have to keep on using it to remind ourselves the importance of being connected to Christ as we serve Him:

“Everything we do is an outflow of our inflow so that we can overflow.”

Motivating Volunteers

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We are going to have our ministry team meeting tonight. The first two months for our church during the beginning of the school year are always busy because we are on a college campus. Literally these ministry team members are running a 100 mph or as the illustration goes – “they are running like chickens with their head cut off” – in order to get things done.

It is in the craziness of ministry that many of us lose our perspective and sometimes, very sadly, lose our intimacy with God. Once our relationship with God erodes, then our attitude and joyfulness begin to disappear and bitterness creeps into the heart. So what does a lead pastor do at this moment? Does he fire them? But how can he? They are all volunteers. Does he yell at them? But how can he? They are already discouraged and bitter.

We have to bring everything back into focus. The greatest commandment? – to love God and to love people. We are debtors of love. As soon as I feel like I have paid my debt, I look at the cross and then I realized that I have not made a dent.

Car Lessons

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Several months ago, I brought my car to the dealer to get an estimate on getting my car brakes fixed. Since we were tight on budget, I ended up going to a place that promised a discounted price and good service. Fast forward several months. I brought my car to the dealer to fix what the other place could not do (or shall I say did not do).

It was kind of humbling to have a conversation with the service department manager who pulled up my records. She noticed that I brought the car in several months ago but did not get my brakes fixed there. I did my best to explain what happened. But eventually, I ended up confessing my wayward ways – I settled for the cheaper service and now I am going to pay the price for it.

Due to all the complications on my brakes, I will now have to pay more to get it fixed. It is interesting how these things work – what I saved on the previous brake service is now costing me a lot more to get it done right. This is not an endorsement for always choosing the most expensive thing, but it is a reminder that sometimes you get what you pay for.

I couldn’t help but to think about our lives and how we always settle for the “lesser” thing and then at the end we find ourselves paying for it in a greater way. We choose the road of comfort and convenience – no wonder we are always left with the mess. Sometimes the price (sacrifices) that you pay will give you a greater return at the end.

With this unexpected expense to our monthly budget, we will have to find some creative ways to balance everything out.