This Sunday on Sept 3rd

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I am looking forward to this coming Sunday. There will be a new wave of people coming to HMCC of Ann Arbor. It has been our prayer for the last couple of days that whenever someone steps into any of our gatherings that they will experience the Presence of God.

We are continuing in our 2-year theme of “The Church Beyond the Walls.” One way of being the missional church is bringing the Gospel to right where the people are. In fact, we as Christ’s followers need to embody the Gospel message so that it can be translated in a way that the world can understand.

Just as Christ incarnated God’s love to sinful people like us, we need to incarnate His love in weak vessels like ours. May the world see and know this incredible grace and love.

1st Day of (pre)School

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Time is flying by so quickly… yesterday was KiKi’s first day of pre-school. It seems like only yesterday when we brought her home from the hospital. For some reason, releasing her to go to school was harder than the two previous times with the boys. I think my “protective-father” side came out. But then I realized that I will have to go through this process over and over again in the years to come – elementary school, junior high school, high school, driver’s license, college, and marriage (Lord help the man who will have to get my permission to marry her).

Sometimes life is about learning how to release the ones that you love. By surrendering, we are acknowledging that we are not as strong and in control of life as we would like to believe. Ultimately, we have to acknowledge that nothing we own or have in our possession are ours in the first place. As my children go through the various stages of life, I have to once again remind myself that they have been loaned out to me by God. Isn’t everything we have on loan? Lord, help us to surrender… again and again.
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