Iron Sharpening Iron

Author: sethskim  |  Category: Various

My family just came back from spending some time with Dr. Steve Lee’s family. I realized that whenever the kids outnumber the parents, we have to play zone defense. We were constantly making sure that we did not leave anyone behind, but it was fun having all 8 kids play together.

After putting the kids down to sleep, Dr. Steve and I had some opportunities to talk. We talked about everything from missions strategies, eschatology, the Kingdom of God, personal stuff and other interesting topics. It is in these talks that I am always challenged to think outside of the box. It is what the writer of Proverbs says, “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another” (Pr 27:17).

I have noticed that God uses people to stretch our thinking and even confirm some of the convictions in our hearts that have been brewing. I am thankful for friends and relationships with people that are constantly sharpening me. There is always a purpose in the honing process.

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